PhD Students

I served as research advisor for the following students' PhD dissertations:

  • Yilong Li (Stanford University, 2022)
    Efficient Shuffle for Flash Burst Computing
    Last known whereabouts (2023): MegaRollup
  • Collin Lee (Stanford University, 2021)
    Distributed Procedure Call
    Last known whereabouts (2022): Luminary Cloud
  • Stephen Yang (Stanford University, 2020)
    NanoLog: A NanoSecond-Scale Logging System
    Last known whereabouts (2022): Google
  • Seo Jin Park (Stanford University, 2019)
    Achieving Both Low Latency and Strong Consistency in Large-Scale Systems
    Last known whereabouts (2022): Google -> USC
  • Henry Qin (Stanford University, 2019)
    Arachne: Improving Latency and Utilization through Core Aware Thread Management
    Last known whereabouts (2022): Square
  • Behnam Montazeri (Stanford University, 2019)
    Designing Datacenter Transports for Low Latency and High Throughput
    Last known whereabouts (2022): Google
  • Ankita Kejriwal (Stanford University, 2017)
    Scalable Low-Latency Indexes for a Key-Value Store
    Last known whereabouts (2022): Snowflake
  • Diego Ongaro (Stanford University, 2014)
    Consensus: Theory and Practice
    Last known whereabouts (2022): Loam
  • Stephen Rumble (Stanford University, 2014)
    Memory and Object Management in RAMCloud
    Last known whereabouts (2020): Google
  • Ryan Stutsman (Stanford University, 2013)
    Durability and Crash Recovery in Distributed In-memory Storage Systems
    Last known whereabouts (2022): University of Utah
  • Ken Shirriff (U.C. Berkeley, 1995)
    Sawmill: A Logging File System for a High-Performance RAID Disk Array
    Last known whereabouts (~2010): Google
  • John Hartman (U.C. Berkeley, 1994)
    The Zebra Striped Network File System
    Last known whereabouts (2019): University of Arizona
  • Mary Baker (U.C. Berkeley, 1994)
    Fast Crash Recovery in Distributed File Systems
    Last known whereabouts (~2012): HP Laboratories
  • Mendel Rosenblum (U.C. Berkeley, 1992)
    The Design and Implementation of a Log-structured File System
    Last known whereabouts (2022): Stanford University
  • Fred Douglis (U.C. Berkeley, 1990)
    Transparent Process Migration in the Sprite Operating System
    Last known whereabouts (2022): Peraton
  • Brent Welch (U.C. Berkeley, 1990)
    Naming, State Management, and User-Level Extensions in the Sprite Distributed File System
    Last known whereabouts (2019): Google
  • Mike Nelson (U.C. Berkeley, 1988)
    Physical Memory Management in a Network Operating System
    Last known whereabouts (2016): Google
  • Bob Mayo (U.C. Berkeley, 1987)
    Mocha Chip: A Graphical Programming System for IC Module Assembly
  • Gordon Hamachi (U.C. Berkeley, 1986)
    An Obstacle-Avoiding Router for Custom VLSI
  • Walter Scott (U.C. Berkeley, 1985)
    Compaction and Circuit Extraction in the Magic IC Layout System
  • Michael Arnold (U.C. Berkeley, 1985)
    Corner-Based Geometric Layout Rule Checking for VLSI Circuits