Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to questions that I'm frequently asked via email; sometimes I get so many of these emails that I can't respond to them all, so please check here if you send me an email and don't get a response.

I am applying to the Stanford graduate program and I'd like to learn more about opportunities in your research group; perhaps if you get to know me it will help my chances for admission?

I get a large number of messages like this each year; unfortunately time limitations prevent me from interacting with candidates during the application process (and talking to me ahead of time will not affect your chances of admission). I would be happy to talk with you once you have been admitted, particularly if you are admitted to the PhD program. I almost always have openings in my research group for PhD students; openings for M.S. students are less common.

I haven't taken all of the prerequisites for CS 142; can I still take the class?

The most important thing for CS 142 is that you have taken at least a couple of programming classes and have experience with more than one language. CS 142 is not an introductory programming class. In CS 142 you will learn two new languages, both with unusual language features, and they will be covered quite quickly in lecture. If you don't have much programming experience you may find this material difficult.

I am an attorney looking for an expert witness; are you interested?

No thanks; I don't have the time or interest for litigation.