Directions and Parking

My office is Gates 448, which is on the fourth floor of the Gates Building (you can find it by typing "Gates" in the search box on the campus map). If you are driving to campus, the best place to park is the Roth Way Garage (type "Roth Way Garage" into the search box on the map). The entire first floor is now guest parking, along with part of the second floor; there are several credit-card machines where you can pre-pay for the amount of time you will be parked. Place the receipt on your dashboard. You can also use any other metered parking space on campus using the same mechanism.

Warning: parking is less of a problem these days than it used to be, due to the expansion of visitor slots in the Roth Way Garage, but I recommend bringing the parking map with you so you can try alternate spots if the Roth Way Garage is full.