Analysis of Linear Systems with Saturation Using Convex Optimization

H. Hindi and S. Boyd

Proceedings IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 1:903-908, December 1998

We show how linear matrix inequalities (LMI) can be used to perform local stability and performance analysis of linear systems with saturating elements. This leads to conservative information on stability regions, disturbance rejection, and L2-gain than standard global stability and performance analysis. The circle and Popov criteria are used to obtain Lyapunov functions whose sublevel sets provide regions of guaranteed stability and performance within a restricted state space region. Our LMI formulation leads directly to simple convex optimization problems that can be solved efficiently as semidefinite programs. The results cover both single and multiple saturation elements and can be immediately extended to discrete time systems. An obvious application of these techniques is in the analysis of control systems with saturating control inputs.