Embedded Code Generation with CVXPY

M. Schaller, G. Banjac, S. Diamond, A. Agrawal, B. Stellato, and S. Boyd

IEEE Control Systems Letters, 6:2653–2658, May 2022.

We introduce CVXPYgen, a tool for generating custom C code, suitable for embedded applications, that solves a parametrized class of convex optimization problems. CVXPYgen is based on CVXPY, a Python-embedded domain-specific language that supports a natural syntax (that follows the mathematical description) for specifying convex optimization problems. Along with the C implementation of a custom solver, CVXPYgen creates a Python wrapper for prototyping and desktop (non-embedded) applications. We give two examples, position control of a quadcopter and back-testing a portfolio optimization model. CVXPYgen outperforms a state-of-the-art code generation tool in terms of problem size it can handle, binary code size, and solve times. CVXPYgen and the generated solvers are open-source.