Analytical Foundations of Volterra Series

S. Boyd, L. O. Chua, and C. A. Desoer

IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, Oxford University Press, 1(3):243-282, 1984.

In this paper we carefully study the analysis involved with Volterra series. We address system-theoretic issues ranging from bounds on the gain and incremental gain of Volterra series operators to the existence of Volterra series operator inverses, and mathematical topics such as the relation between Volterra series operators and Taylor series. The proofs are complete, and use only the basic facts of analysis. We prove a general steady-state theorem for Volterra series operators, and then establish a general formula for the spectrum of the output of a Volterra series operator in terms of the spectrum of a periodic input. This paper is meant to complement recent work on Volterra series expansions for dynamical systems.