GGPLAB: A Simple Matlab Toolbox for Geometric Programming

Version 1.00 (May 22, 2006)

GGPLAB is a Matlab-based toolbox for specifying and solving geometric programs (GPs) and generalized geometric programs (GGPs). It is intended to complement the survey paper A Tutorial on Geometric Programming, and the book Convex Optimization.

GGPLAB consists of

Some caveats:

The GGPLAB toolbox includes a variety of worked-out examples to help you get started and learn about geometric programming and its applications. Some examples reproduce figures from the book Convex Optimization or referenced papers. All of these examples can also be found in the CVX library.

You can browse through the examples library now without having to download and install GGPLAB. Of course, if you wish to run any of the examples, you will have to download the GGPLAB toolbox.

GGPLAB was designed and implemented by Almir Mutapcic (object library), Kwangmoo Koh (solver), Seungjean Kim (solver), Lieven Vandenberghe (original version of solver), and Stephen Boyd (general trouble maker). Please report any bugs to (objects) or (solver).

GGPLAB is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

The user guides are included in the toolbox, so you don't have to download them separately.

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