EE102: Introduction to Signals & Systems

Stanford University

Professor Stephen Boyd

This course was developed around 1993 or so, and taught by me, and occasionally Abbas El Gamal, until 2003, when the EE curriculum was redesigned.


  1. Signals
  2. Systems
  3. The Laplace transform
  4. Natural response of 1st & 2nd order systems
  5. Rational functions
  6. Qualitative properties of signals and their Laplace tranforms
  7. Circuit analysis via Laplace transform
  8. Transfer functions and convolution
  9. Time domain properties of convolution systems
  10. Sinusoidal steady-state and frequency response
  11. Feedback: static analysis
  12. Feedback control: static analysis
  13. Dynamic analysis of feedback
  14. Integral action
  15. Applications of feedback
Some (low quality) videos of the class from Spring quarter 1999.

Exercises & notes