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Horn, R. E. (2001) What Kinds of Writing Have a Future? Speech prepared in connection with receiving the Diana Lifetime Achievement Award for Information Mapping® and visual language by the Association of Computing Machinery SIGDOC, October 22, 2001 (PDF)

BOOK WITH THREE BEST INTRODUCTORY CHAPTERS ON INFORMATION MAPPING -- Horn, R. E., (1989) Mapping Hypertext: Analysis, Linkage, and Display of Knowledge for the Next Generation of On-Line Text and Graphics, The Lexington Institute, 1989 (Japanese translation published by Nikkei Business Publications, 1992).
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MONOGRAPH SUMMARIZING THE EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE ABOUT INFORMATION MAPPING -- Horn, R. E. (1992) How High Can It Fly-Examining the Evidence on Information M apping's Method of High-Performance Communication, Lexington Institute (Japanese translation published by Nikkei Business Publications, 1994) INCLUDES A CHAPTER ON HOW TO EVALUATE INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS AND DOCUMENTATION
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Chapter 2 (PDF)

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