Reviews and Comments About

Mapping Hypertext

by Robert E. Horn

"a tour de force"

"Mapping Hypertext by Robert E. Horn is a tour de force in several respects. First, it is an amazing example of "graphic language," the use of complex graphics as an inherent part of the communication. In fact, this book is as close as a paper-based document can be to hyper-graphics. It simulates the rich graphical environment of current-day and future object-oriented computer workstations. Second, Horn's book is a desktop publishing miracle. Created entirely on the Macintosh computer with MacDraw II, it is a remarkable display of textual and graphic information, including hundreds of icons, complex drawings, tables, and structured text. The author deserves some kind of award for design and development of the document itself, independent of its content. Finally, as a contribution to the literature, Mapping Hypertext is a unique and seminal work, covering the history and conceptual underpinnings of hypertext, suggesting applications and design principles capable of stimulating hypertext and hypermedia design for years to come, and providing hooks to the Information Mapping® method, a systematic approach that promises to take much of the guess-work out of hypertext development.

Mapping Hypertext was a finalist for the 1991 Outstanding Instructional Communication Award, and for good reason. What fewer people may know is that Horn won the NSPI Outstanding Research Award in 1976 for the work which led to his trademarked Information Mapping method."

­CARL BINDER, Performance and Instruction, October 1991

"will change the way people think about their current information"

"This book will change the way people think about their current information and the hypertext revolution."

­KEN BLANCHARD, co-author of the best selling The One Minute Manager

"antidote for the problem of disorientation"

"Bob Horn suggests an antidote for the problem of disorientation that often comes with navigating through hypertext..."

­PATRICIA SEYBOLD, founder of Patricia Seybold's Office Computing Group and sponsor of the Seybold Office Computing Conferences. Quotes are from Paradigm Shift: Patricia Seybold's Guide to the Information Revolution.

"most thorough survey of solutions thus far"

"Boy, do I wish we'd had this book when we were designing the CD-ROM Electronic Whole Earth Catalog. With so much textual (and graphic) information now available in electronic formats, how can we develop, organize, display and interlink any collection of such information in a useful manner? This book is the most thorough survey of solutions thus far. And it is organized in a highly visual hypertext-like format which effectively illustrates many of the principles being discussed. An absolutely first-rate work."

­KEITH JORDAN, Whole Earth Review, Summer 1991

"will make complex bodies of knowledge readily available"

"With both words and illustrations, Bob Horn has come to the rescue. In Mapping Hypertext, Horn has provided a methodology for dealing with the crucial task of organizing hypertext in ways that will make complex bodies of knowledge readily available to a user."

­ROBERT F. MAGER, Mager Associates, Inc., author of the Criterion-Referenced Instruction course and many books on training

"a notable step"

"I am convinced that the future of man's knowledge production and utilization will be deeply implanted in the structure, conventions and methods associated with the descendants of today's hypertext. Bob Horn has produced a notable step toward that end."

­DOUG ENGELBART, Bootstrap Project, Stanford University; first person to implement hypertext on a computer system

"provocative overview ... a must read"

"Mapping Hypertext is a thoughtful and provocative overview of both hypertext and Information Mapping, full of useful advice and interesting bits of history. It is a must read for anyone concerned about how computers can become effective tools for human communication."

­PAUL SAFFO, The Institute for the Future; columnist, Personal Computing

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