Mapping Hypertext

The Analysis, Organization, and Display of Knowledge for
the Next Generation of On-Line Text and Graphics


Robert E. Horn

About the Book

The technology of hypertext offers the very real potential of helping both business and society deal productively with the information explosion. Mapping Hypertext illuminates the promise and the reality of hypertext and information management, bringing hypertext together with a complementary methodology critical to its success: Information Mapping's method for analyzing, organizing, and presenting information. The book also breaks new ground in its highly graphic presentation; an intriguing visual simulation of hypertext. Mapping Hypertext will change forever the way people approach information organization and the hypertext revolution.



Part 1. Hypertext and Hypermedia, New Opportunities

1. Introduction to Hypertext and Hypermedia

2. Current Issues with Hypertext

Part 2. The Method of Information Mapping

3. Introduction to the Information Mapping Method

4. Navigating Structured Hypertrails

5. Resolving Some Hypertext Problems

Part 3. Some Applications of Structured Hypertext

6. Relatively Stable Discourse: Documentation and Training

7. Disputed Discourse: Argumentation Analysis

8. Experimental Discourse: Scientific Information

Part 4. So What? What Next?

9. Mapping Future Information Space: Summary and Trends

Appendix A. Some Historical Notes

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